Let Them Copy You

Faris Alami
2 min readApr 29, 2024
Image from Unsplash by Ave Calvar

When people copy your work, it means you inspired them to do something in your field. When I say “Let them copy you!” I don’t mean that you should not take action against those who infringe on your work — sometimes action is required.

Whether you like it or not, others copying your work makes you the leader in the field!

I have often encouraged entrepreneurs to be proud of their ideas, because the more they share, the more people potentially will follow them or be inspired to do something within the information you provide.

Over the years it has become clear to me that while many can copy your footsteps, none of them have your exact footsteps, and many times that allows opportunities for you to step in.

In several cases, organizations for whom we launched programs thought they could have done it without us. I won’t say that they couldn’t, but the difference is the how, the steps, the outcomes.

The big stuff is easy to copy. The details are where things get harder.

While some attempt to do it, the smart ones — from my experience — have asked us to reengage with them. The reason I say SMART is because they acknowledge and understand that while we make it look easy, in reality it is NOT. The reality is that is has taken us decades to get to where we are, to make things look and sound easy.



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