Making Decisions

Faris Alami
2 min readSep 19, 2023


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We’re all making decisions every second we’re on Earth. We’re making decisions of what to wear, when to wake up, what to eat or buy. We’re negotiating with ourselves all day long.

The decisions we make can impact our lives, temporarily or long term.

In my experience, leaders that make decisions after thinking about it a day or two seem to do really well long term, because they continue to move forward. Those who debate over a long period often struggle to continue their growth.

And yes, some decisions may need months or even years. Overall, making the decision is the key to moving in a new direction. And I’m using these words because there is no right or wrong, only a new direction.

The kind of life you want to have or the kind of work you want to do can be impacted by the decision, and depending on your values, beliefs, and goals, that decision could appear right or wrong, but it’s really up to you.

When making a decision or at a turning point, debating is good but sometimes just making the decision and moving forward with it is also good.

CAUTION: Don’t rush. Slow down before you make any decision! You may have read my previous blog titled, Patience is Beautiful. Don’t put decisions off too long just because you are unsure about which way to go. Don’t rush just because you want it over with.


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  1. How long should it take you to make a decision?
  2. What factors should you consider when making a decision?
  3. What other tools have you used to make a decision?


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