Never Perfect, Always Amazing

Faris Alami
2 min readFeb 24, 2021
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One of the things we’ve noticed over the years is that many entrepreneurs launch or grow their business knowing they have an amazing product — not necessarily one that is perfect.

The minute they launch it, they begin considering improvements.

We’ve also seen that some people who are transitioning from executive roles to business owners spend a great deal of time trying to perfect the product before launch. In reality, there is not a single product on the marketplace today that is 100% perfect.

No matter what your product or service, you should always be looking for ways to improve it, because if it is not improving, it is only a matter of time before it becomes obsolete.

As you start or grow parts of your business, please remember it doesn’t have to be perfect, but it does need to be amazing and/or good for your customers.

What do we mean by that?

Many of the products we use every day did not launch initially as what it is today. Many of the big name companies and products began when technology was still new and limited. Things were done by hand, or on a spreadsheet, or even the real old fashioned way, with pen and paper.

As technology improved, the companies or their products were consistently moving to the next level but at the same time, they continued to sell the original or updated product to the market.

The reality is that entrepreneurs find what works, and make it work. They are not necessarily seeking technologies or solutions for the problems they don’t have. They are always looking to solve the customer’s problem, doing what it takes from their end to make their solution amazing, not necessarily perfect.


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  • What could you do to make your product amazing?
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  • What strategies have you implemented to perfect your product?

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