Success Within

Faris Alami
2 min readJul 11


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Where does success really lie? Is it only in the numbers, or does it live within us as self-validation or validation from a customer or client?

Your attitude toward yourself and your work play a huge part in your internal level of success.

Regardless of your business bank balance, number of customers, or awards you’ve earned, success is really about how you feel inside.

It has nothing to do with dollars and cents.

Success might mean setting a goal to have a positive interaction with a certain number of people each day for a week. It could be solving a problem for someone else — a problem that doesn’t impact you at all. The bottom line is, getting to a place where you feel a level of success inside, that you have accomplished something or helped someone without it being noticed, acknowledged, or required.

Most of the work many of us do passes into the hands of others. They may add to it or modify it for their own purposes, or start something completely different because of it. We see this happening, even if we aren’t acknowledged as the originator, and the continuance of the original idea or program should give us a strong sense of internal success. We started it, after all.


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