Take a Moment

Faris Alami
2 min readMay 21, 2024
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We all struggle with taking a break because there is so much to do, even though we know the wisdom of the adage: the work will still be here tomorrow.

The truth is: We know the work will always be there.

The question is: Can we let it go? This is particularly so for those who are leaders, who feel responsible or have a commitment. It’s hard for them to put the pen down, or stop the action.

I encourage you to think about taking a moment to celebrate the successes as you achieve them.

Take a moment to list one success each week — or each month. That would give you a list of either 12 or 52 successes over the course of a year. Then select the one success that inspires you the most for the following year.

Also take a moment to select one incident in which you felt disappointed, or that you failed, and reflect on it.

Take time to celebrate what happened at least once a month!

Just to sit down and breath, take a look out the window, take a walk or a run, and think about something completely different from your daily tasks. Maybe consider a joke you heard, or the complexity of building a bridge! Or nothing at all, perhaps listening to music.

Taking a moment helps you reflect as well as to move forward and set goals.



Faris Alami

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