The Power of 777 Marketing

Faris Alami
2 min readJan 7, 2021


One of the most powerful ways to stay relevant in a crowded business world is to provide consistent messaging, with gentle reminders that you are here to serve your customer/client needs or desires.

For a long time now, we have successfully used a marketing strategy called 777 Marketing. You might consider adding it to your marketing tool box.

STEP 1: Create Your List.
Create a list of 21 customers or prospects in three categories:
A. Your Dream Client / Customer : list seven potential people or companies that, if dreams came true, would be your customer or client.
B. Your “Could Be” Customers: list seven potential people or companies that you believe, based on experience, could become customers. Don’t mix your Dream list with your Could Be list. You might dream of doing business with Neiman Marcus, but perhaps at this stage in your business you could be doing business with TJ Max.
C. Your “Should Be” Customers: list seven people or companies that should absolutely be on your current customer list, but you haven’t been in touch with them.

STEP 2: Schedule Your Contact Dates.
Consider the time period in which you will contact them. Keep in mind that you have to know them well enough to determine which period will work best for you. Will you contact them seven times over a period of seven days, seven weeks, or seven months?

STEP 3: Choose Your Contact Method.
What are the seven ways you will touch base with them in order to convert them to customers? You might email them in week one, hard copy mail them week two, call them week three, seek them out at an event week four, etc. Keep in mind that it can be as simple as a single email each week for seven weeks in a row. These are gentle reminders that you are looking out for them, not a beat-them-over-the-head pitch for your business.

The bottom line is that human contact is a must. The Power of 777 Marketing is one piece of the marketing strategy, not the only piece. Remember to recycle the 21 names based on the period of time you allot. After the initial seven contacts, move them to once a month, or quarterly, or a “not potential at this time” list for once a year contact. Refresh the list with seven new people in each category.

Answer one or all of these:

  1. What power are you using in your marketing approach?
  2. What comments or insights do you want to share?
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