The Power of Leverage

  1. If you are in a co-working space today and you invite someone to meet you there, they are greeted at the front desk, perhaps welcomed by someone from your team or the host organization, who takes them to your office or a meeting room. You’re leveraging the space to appear as a well-rounded organization. You may not own the space, the building, the equipment. You may not employ all the people there, but the perception of being an established business is clear.
  2. If you secure a loan from one bank, you can leverage that loan to get another.
  3. If you secure a large client, you could leverage their bigger name to help secure another large client.
  1. What can you do to leverage the resources you have?
  2. What other ideas do you had around the concept of leverage?
  3. What else have you done to keep your business or organization moving forward?



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Faris Alami

Faris Alami

Global Entrepreneurship ecosystem, SME and leadership development in local communities